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Barrow Prevention and Outreach


The mission of Barrow's Prevention Department is to provide a wide range of programs to educate community leaders, public policy makers, and individuals of all ages on how to prevent brain, spinal cord, and other traumatic injuries, as well as strokes.

Please visit the links below to learn more about the educational programs offered through Barrow Prevention and Outreach.

To schedule a presentation or to receive more information on any of these programs, call (602) 406-3868 or complete theor complete our contact request form.



Fall Prevention Education offers informative presentations designed to reduce the number of falls by increasing the knowledge and awareness of the causes and risk factors related to falls, especially in the older adult population. More...


Helmet Your Head® is a safety program developed by Barrow Neurological Institute to prevent head and brain injuries and promote helmet use during recreational activities. Barrow is the national training center for the Helmet Your Head program. More...

Oliver Otter, You Otter Be Water Wise©  is a water-safety program that teaches important rules to parents, adolescents, adults, and seniors. The goal is to prevent death and disabling brain injuries resulting from drowning or near drowning. More...

Barrow Stroke Education offers informative presentations designed to reduce the incidence of stroke by increasing the knowledge and awareness of the causes of stroke. Identification of risk factors, early recognition of warning signs, and prompt, appropriate medical attention are stressed. More...



ThinkFirst for Teens is an award-winning, national program that teaches adolescents to "think first" and to use their minds to protect their bodies from serious brain and spinal cord injuries resulting from car crashes, recreational and water-related incidences, and violence. More...










More information on St. Joseph's Community Benefit and Community Grants.

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