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Barrow is recognized as a leader in research and conducts ongoing clinical and basic research in neurological diseases, cerebrovascular disorders, neuro-oncology, and neurosurgical techniques.  Clinical studies include the Barrow Ruptured Aneurysm Trial (BRAT), which is comparing the efficacy and outcome of clipping to those of coiling ruptured aneurysms. Numerous other clinical trials evaluating the treatment of aneurysms, carotid artery stenosis, intracranial stenosis, and cerebral vasospasm are ongoing at Barrow.

Cerebrovascular surgical procedures, pioneered in Barrow laboratories, have been applied as lifesaving measures for patients here and elsewhere. One such procedure, the so-called cardiac standstill, is used to repair difficult aneurysms. The procedure involves lowering the patient's body temperature, draining the blood from the body, and stopping the heart so that the aneurysm can be clipped without rupturing. After the clip is applied, the patient's body temperature is raised as the blood is recirculated and the heart is restarted.  A recent Discovery Health Channel documentary, Dying to Live, highlighted a case of cardiac standstill performed at Barrow Neurological Institute.  Various skull base techniques that have revolutionized the treatment of complex cerebrovascular lesions have also been advanced by neurosurgeons at Barrow. 

Barrow participates in many clinical research studies that offer eligible patients the most current treatment techniques available. Visit our Clinical Trials section to see what is available.

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