John E. Wanebo, MD, FACS

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John E. Wanebo, MD, FACS

John E. Wanebo, MD, FACS
Director, Barrow Moyamoya Center

Dr. John Wanebo has refined his skills since he graduated from the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1991 by serving in both academic and military treatment centers. Although he first planned to become a pilot upon graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy, exposure to his father’s work in surgical oncology influenced him to pursue medicine.

Before joining Barrow Neurological Institute, Dr. Wanebo cared for complex cranial and spinal injuries sustained by U.S. troops during regional conflicts of the past decade. He currently specializes in cerebrovascular disorders, neurotrauma, and brain tumors and has published extensively on these subjects.

More recently, Dr. Wanebo has focused his academic efforts on studying moyamoya disease through clinical and laboratory research. He has published over 30 articles and seven book chapters, and he is the lead editor of a forthcoming moyamoya textbook.



Education, Training, and Previous Positions

  • 2008-2009: Associate Professor of Surgery, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  • 2007-2009 Voluntary Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Neurosurgery, University of California - San Diego
  • 2008-2009: Staff Neurosurgeon, Naval Medical Center, San Diego
  • 2008: Staff Neurosurgeon, Landstuhl Regional Army Medical Center, Germany
  • 2007-2008: Cancer Liaison Physician to American College of Surgeons, National Naval Medical Center
  • 2006-2007: Director, Skull Base Surgery, National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • 2003-2005: Head Division of Neurosurgery, Naval Medical Center, San Diego
  • 2002-2003 Staff Neurosurgeon, Naval Medical Center, San Diego
  • 2001-2002: Fellowship, Barrow Neurological Institute, Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery
  • 1997-2001: Residency, Washington University School of Medicine, Neurological Surgery
  • 1994-1997: Residency, National Naval Medical Center, Neurological Surgery
  • 1992-1994: General Medical Officer, Naval Support Force Antarctica
  • 1991-1992: Internship, National Naval Medical Center
  • 1991: MD, University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • 1987: BS, Mathematics, United States Naval Academy


Selected Professional Memberships and Appointments

  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)
  • American College of Surgeons (ACS)
  • AANS/CNS Cerebrovascular Section
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS)
  • North American Skull Base Society (NASBS)
  • Captain, United States Naval Reserve


Selected Honors and Awards

  • 2000: Berg Prize, Residents Day Symposium, Department of Neurology and Neurological Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine
  • 1999: Augustus McCravey Resident Paper Award (First Place Clinical Paper), Southern Neurosurgical Society Meeting
  • 1998: First Place, Basic Science Paper Award, Southern Neurosurgical Society Meeting
  • 1987: Cox Fund French Language Scholarship, United States Naval Academy
  • 1983-1987: Commandant’s List, United States Naval Academy


Selected Publications

  1. Besachio DA, Ziegler JI, Duncan TD, Wanebo JS. Computed tomographic angiography in evaluation of superficial temporal to middle cerebral artery bypass. J Comput Assist Tomogr. May-Jun 2010;34(3):437-439.

  2. Bell RS, Vo AH, Roberts R, Wanebo J, Armonda RA. Wartime traumatic aneurysms: acute presentation, diagnosis, and multimodal treatment of 64 craniocervical arterial injuries. Neurosurgery. Jan 2010;66(1):66-79; discussion 79.

  3. Wanebo JE, Kidd GA, King MC, Chung TS. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treatment of adverse radiation effects after stereotactic radiosurgery of arteriovenous malformations: case report and review of literature. Surg Neurol. Aug 2009;72(2):162-167; discussion 167-168.

  4. Jost SC, Wanebo JE, Song SK, Chicoine MR, Rich KM, Woolsey TA, Lewis JS, Mach RH, Xu J, Garbow JR. In vivo imaging in a murine model of glioblastoma. Neurosurgery. Feb 2007;60(2):360-370; discussion 370-361.

  5. Wanebo JE, Bristol RE, Porter RR, Coons SW, Spetzler RF. Management of cranial base chondrosarcomas. Neurosurgery. Feb 2006;58(2):249-255; discussion 249-255.

  6. Carstairs SD, Tanen DA, Duncan TD, Nordling OB, Wanebo JE, Paluska TR, Theodore N, Riffenburgh RH. Computed tomographic angiography for the evaluation of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Acad Emerg Med. May 2006;13(5):486-492.

  7. Wanebo JE, Amin-Hanjani S, Boyd C, Peery T. Assessing success after cerebral revascularization for ischemia. Skull Base. Aug 2005;15(3):215-227.

  8. Rivet DJ, Wanebo JE, Roberts GA, Dacey RG, Jr. Use of a side branch in a saphenous vein interposition graft for high-flow extracranial-intracranial bypass procedures. Technical note. J Neurosurg. Jul 2005;103(1):186-187.

  9. Wanebo JE, Zabramski JM, Spetzler RF. Superficial temporal artery-to-middle cerebral artery bypass grafting for cerebral revascularization. Neurosurgery. Aug 2004;55(2):395-398; discussion 398-399.

  10. Wanebo JE, Lonser RR, Glenn GM, Oldfield EH. The natural history of hemangioblastomas of the central nervous system in patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease. J Neurosurg. Jan 2003;98(1):82-94.
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