About Moyamoya Disease (Part 2)

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About Moyamoya Disease (Part 2)


What are the advantages of moyamoya treatment at Barrow?

Barrow has been a pioneer in the treatment of moyamoya disease. Over the past 30 years, our doctors have contributed to a number of significant publications about moyamoya disease and are the editors of a forthcoming international textbook to update the medical community about advances in the treatment of moyamoya disease.

The Barrow moyamoya team consists of experienced neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroscience nurses, neuropsychologists, and rehabilitation physicians and therapists who have the knowledge and equipment to treat this relatively rare and complex disease. Barrow is held in exceptionally high esteem by both the domestic and international medical community, and patients often travel here from other parts of the country or other continents seeking treatment of complex neurological disorders.


If I have a stroke from moyamoya disease, can I pursue rehabilitation at Barrow?

The Barrow Neurorehabilitation Center is one of the elite centers of its kind in the United States. Barrow Neurorehabilitation clinicians have tremendous experience treating patients recovering from stroke and many other neurological diseases.


What research on moyamoya disease is being conducted at Barrow?

Barrow researchers study moyamoya disease in a laboratory setting and also in patients with the disease. Ongoing studies are evaluating whether recombinant granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) can improve revascularization in a moyamoya disease stroke model. We are also developing a clinical protocol to determine the ideal surgical treatment for patients with moyamoya disease.


How can I get treated at Barrow for moyamoya disease?

We conduct a moyamoya clinic for patients with the disease every Friday on the Barrow campus in Phoenix, Arizona. You can call Barrow's International Patient Program Coordinator at (602) 406-4668 for referral information or to make an appointment with a moyamoya disease specialist at Barrow.
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