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Barrow: Unique Expertise for a Rare Disorder

Hypothalamic hamartoma is a type of rare, benign (noncancerous) tumor that occurs at a rate of 1 in every 200,000 people. Because they are so rare, hypothalamic hamartomas can be extremely difficult to diagnose, let alone treat.

Since 2003, we have made it our mission to provide a new avenue of hope for those suffering from the seizures and behavioral problems that are the hallmark of this disease. We are one of just a few hospitals in the world that perform highly technical transcallosal surgery to remove hypothalamic hamartomas.


Unrivaled Experience

Our staff of neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neuroscience nurses has treated over 100 patients with hypothalamic hamartomas. These patients have ranged from children to adults, and some have traveled from other continents to seek out our unique expertise.

In addition, our partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital has allowed us to provide an even greater degree of specialized care for pediatric patients.


Unmatched Technology

The Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center at Barrow Neurological Institute has implemented some of the most advanced technology available, including:
  • Intraoperative imaging that can guide our neurosurgeons in real time
  • Gamma Knife radiosurgery—a noninvasive alternative to open surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery requiring only minimal incisions

Most recently, we have begun using laser generated stereotactic thermoablation technology to target hypothalamic hamartomas with improved accuracy and precision.


Proven Results

The neurosurgeons and neurologists affiliated with the Barrow Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center are dedicated to refining and improving the treatment process. As such, we carefully study the outcomes of every patient we treat. Our results have been published in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals, and we have documented significant control of seizure symptoms in 80% of the patients we have treated.


How can we help?

If you suspect that you or a loved one may have a hypothalamic hamartoma, or if you have been diagnosed and would like to find out more about the treatment options available at the Barrow Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center, please call 1-800-BARROW1 (227-7691) or (602) 406-7585 .
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