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DBS Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use everyday household appliances?

Most electrical appliances will not harm the device, but permanent magnets such as those found in stereo speakers, radios, telephones, and refrigerator magnets could turn the neurostimulator on or off if brought within inches of the neurostimulator.

Can I drive an automobile while the neurostimulator is ON?

Whether you can drive depends on your symptoms and how well you respond to deep brain stimulation therapy. Talk with your health care team and your family.

Can I fly?

Yes. It is safe to fly.

Can I go through airport security checkpoints or other electronic theft detectors?

Avoid airport security checkpoints and theft detectors in department stores, libraries, and pharmacies. Show your neurostimulator ID card and ask for a hand search to bypass the security gate.

Can I be near electric substations or power lines?

Yes. It is safe to be near power lines and substations.

Can I arc weld?

No. It is not safe to use arc welding equipment.

Can I work on an automobile?

Yes. However, you may experience discomfort with excessive bending or twisting.

Can I be around industrial equipment?

Yes. But, be aware that your system may turn on or off. You will have to check that it is on when you are done.

Can I use power tools?

Yes. But, remember to keep them away from your neurostimulator and make sure it is functioning properly after you have finished.

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