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Deep Brain Stimulation Experts in Phoenix, Arizona

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a surgical treatment for people with Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, and dystonia that involves placing an electrode in a targeted area of the brain. The electrode is connected to a "pacemaker" and an electrical current is sent from the pacemaker to the electrode to help control symptoms.

The DBS Program at Barrow Neurological Institute, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a leader in the use of DBS to treat movement disorders. Our neurosurgeons and neurologists were involved in early clinical trials of the therapy and thus have deep experience that is hard to find in the emerging field of neuromodulation.

In addition, Barrow was recently the recipient of a generous donation that will allow us to innovate by researching other uses for neuromodulation technology like DBS and continuing to conduct clinical trials.

Before you can become a candidate for DBS surgery at Barrow Neurological Institute, you will need to obtain a referral from your neurologist or primary care physician. Our staff will then evaluate you to see if the therapy can work for you.


A Pioneer in Asleep DBS

Barrow is one of the few hospitals in the United States that offers you the option of being asleep for the entirety of your DBS procedure. Previously, our surgeons had to bring you out of anesthesia during the surgery so that you could follow movement commands to help place the leads in your brain where they would be of the most benefit.

Now, we offer a new high-tech procedure that allows you to sleep comfortably during your entire procedure. Read more about asleep DBS at Barrow.


Leading the Way with All-in-one DBS Surgery

Deep brain stimulation surgery is usually broken into two separate procedures:

  1. placement of the lead
  2. placement of the stimulator / battery pack

At Barrow, we have begun to combine both of these steps into on procedure. This offers you several benefits:

  • stimulator programming can begin nearly 2 weeks sooner
  • fewer procedures means lower risk of complications
  • combined surgery is more efficient and lowers your cost of care
  • you can get back to work or your favorite activities sooner 


How can we help you?

For more information, please call (602) 406-3865 or E-mail

DBS Program
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