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Clinical Research Program

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center and Movement Disorders Clinic at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona is recognized as a center of excellence in the clinical treatment of and research on Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. Clinical research is focused on developing better treatments, slowing disease progression, relieving disease symptoms and controlling motor fluctuations.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to pushing the frontiers of science in the fundamental understanding of Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders such as dystonia, essential tremor and Huntington's disease. As such, we have a team of neurological experts who are committed to providing knowledgeable, thorough and considerate care.

The research staff are members of the Parkinson and Dystonia Study Groups. The Parkinson and Dystonia Study Groups are a consortium of physicians and other healthcare providers from approximately 60 sites across the U.S. and Canada who are dedicated to the research of Parkinson's disease, dystonia and other movement disorders. Our Center is also affiliated with the Benign Essential Blepharospasm Association and the International Essential Tremor Foundation.

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center and Movement Disorders Clinic also participates in non-pharmacologic studies. These studies allow researchers to learn more about the effects of Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders on quality of life and motor function as well as on non-motor symptoms.

We are unique in integrating state of the art patient care and counseling with pharmacologic clinical trials and basic research into the cause of movement disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a study of the safety and efficacy of a new drug or other treatment that is designed to answer questions about the drugs while safeguarding the health of the volunteer. A clinical trial may also involve testing of human subjects to aid in a better understanding of underlying disease processes.

Experienced staff conducts these types of studies. The research staff at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center have participated in more than 50 phase II, phase III and phase IV studies in Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.

Why Enroll in a Research Clinical Trial?

There are many excellent reasons to participate in a research clinical trial. It allows you access to promising drugs that may not be available commercially for several years. During the course of the trial, you will experience the comprehensive and thorough medical evaluation and attention that research enables. Your research physician is dedicated to better understanding you and your response in a cooperative data gathering mode that is the foundation of medical research.

You will, as a result of the process, learn a great deal about your condition and the range of options that are available to treat your condition. The entire process is of no cost to you and there is the added benefit of contributing individually to a better understanding of movement disorders in general that will benefit others.

Clinical Trials Available

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center participates in a number of leading-edge clinical trials. To find more information about clinical trials presently being offered, please visit the clinical trials page for Barrow and St. Joseph's Hospital.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about any of our research trials, please call our clinical trials office at 602-406-6259 or email us at

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