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Center for Transitional NeuroRehabilitation

The Center for Transitional NeuroRehabilitation (CTN) is directed by Pamela Klonoff, PhD. It offers intensive, day-long treatment for adolescents (ages 14 and older) and adults with brain injuries. The program uses a holistic approach to treat cognitive, language, physical, emotional, psychological, and vocational needs. The CTN emphasizes independence in the home and community and productivity when patients return to work or school. For family members, the CTN provides emotional support and education about the patient's strengths and limitations and how to assist the patient in functioning in the home. The CTN offers four rehabilitation-oriented programs: the Home Independence Program, the Work Re-Entry Program, the School Re-Entry Program, and the Transitional Program.


Home Independence Program

After leaving the hospital or rehabilitation facility, some patients need 24-hour supervision at home. Barrow Neurological Institute and the staff of the CTN have developed the Home Independence Program to help such patients become as independent as possible and function as productive family members. Once patients meet defined goals and demonstrate safe and independent functioning, they are discharged from the program.


Work Re-Entry Program

Individuals recovering from a brain injury can experience difficulties when they return to work or school because of cognitive, physical, and personality changes associated with their injury. CTN's Work Re-Entry Program focuses on helping patients become productive through gainful employment or volunteer work. Participants also learn how to manage feelings of disappointment or frustration and how to develop realistic goals.


School Re-Entry Program

    Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's
    Hospital and Medical Center
In the School Re-Entry Program, CTN staff assist patients in their return to high school, community college, university, or trade school. The program focuses on appropriate therapies for patients and works with schools to identify and address their special needs. Therapists collaborate with teachers and administrators to initiate, plan, and implement patients' educational plans.

Once patients successfully participate as a volunteer or in a paid work environment for 6 to 8 weeks or successfully attend school for one term, they are discharged from the Work and School Re-Entry Programs.


Transitional Program

Some individuals are independent at home but not ready to return to work or school. The Transitional Program consists of select therapies to prepare patients for the Work or School Re-Entry Programs.


Treatment Team

The treatment team consists of licensed or certified specialists in neuropsychology, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational counseling, and recreational therapy. The team consults with the referring physician to review the patient's progress and medical needs. Psychiatric and dietician consultations are also available as needed.

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For more information, please call 602-406-3473 and ask for the Barrow neurorehabilitation admissions coordinator.

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