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Graduate Education


Residency Program in Clinical Neuropsychology

Each year the Section of Clinical Neuropsychology trains future neuropsychologists within the context of a 2-year postdoctoral residency program in clinical neuropsychology. Presently 5 postdoctoral residents are in training. The program, which was established in 1987, has graduated 25 residents. Learn more about this program.

Graduate Student Education

In addition to the formal residency program, graduate students in psychology from local and international universities study at Barrow Neurological Institute. These students are actively involved in a variety of research projects. Franziska Maier, a graduate student from the University of Cologne in Germany, is working on the topic of anosognosia in Parkinson's disease. Beate Hoffmann from the University of Hamburg in Germany has worked on a project of abnormal finger movement while patients with traumatic brain injuries perform the Halstead Finger Tapping Test. Misao Ogano, an Occupational Therapist from Japan, previously studied methods of neuropsychological rehabilitation and the assessment of anosognosia after various forms of brain injury, which have been applied to the Japanese population.


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