Lucy Ranus, RN, BSN

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Lucy Ranus, RN, BSN

Lucy Ranus, RN, BSN

Prevention Program Coordinator

Lucy Ranus, RN, BSN received an Associate of Arts Degree in Nursing, Phoenix College, in 1966 and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Arizona State University in 1988. She holds a Certificate in Adolescent Health Training and received a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Arizona State University, College of Extended Education, Nonprofit Management Institute in 2002.

Lucy is a Registered Nurse and has worked in all areas of the hospital, from the trauma department to the ICU, as well as on the pediatric and adult floors. Since 1995, Lucy has been the program coordinator for the Barrow Community Education, Outreach and Prevention Programs and has served on several state and national committees on program development, teacher training, and assessment. Lucy serves as the Arizona trainer for the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation. Her role is to train staff and other individuals on the importance of injury prevention using the researched-based ThinkFirst comprehensive injury prevention programs and the Helmet Your Head program.

Lucy has presented at several state and national conferences on injury prevention. Lucy received an Outstanding Service Award presented to Arizona School Nurses and an Arizona SAFEKIDS Advocacy Award.


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