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Pituitary Disorder Resources


Pituitary Patient Resource Guide

Your Pituitary Center Patient Resource Guide will help you:
  • take an active role in your care
  • keep your medical information organized in one centralized location
  • communicate your health information to your healthcare providers clearly, efficiently, and accurately
  • make the most of your doctor's appointments


How to Complete Your Patient Resource Guide

Please click on the links below and print the PDF forms.

Filling out your Patient Resource Guide may take some time initially, but it will save you time in the future because you will have all of your medical information in one location. If you do not have all of your health information requested, just start with what you have at hand. Take your notebook with you to all appointments, procedures and hospital visits, and be sure to update it after each visit to your doctor.

The more information you can provide for your doctors during your appointment, the better your doctors can understand your healthcare needs, and the more information they can give you in return.


Other Pituitary Resources

Pituitary Network Association
The Pituitary Network Association is an international non-profit organization for patients with pituitary tumors and disorders, their families, loved ones, and the physicians and health care providers who treat them.

The Pituitary Society
The Pituitary Society is dedicated to furthering the understanding of diseases of the pituitary gland. Its members are scientists and doctors whose major interest is in pituitary diseases.

Acromegaly Community
It is the mission of the Acromegaly Community to provide an emotional and communal support network for people touched by the disease.

Cushing's Support & Research Foundation
The Cushing's Support and Research Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting patients with Cushing's and their families.

Histiocytosis Association
Dedicated to raising awareness about histiocytic disorders, providing education and emotional support, and funding research leading to better treatments and a cure.


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