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Fulton ALS and Neuromuscular Research Center


Though the exact disease mechanism that causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gherig's Disease) is not known, our ever-expanding knowledge of the human genome has provided some important clues as to the role of genetics in its pathogenesis.  The laboratories that make up the Gregory W. Fulton ALS and Neuromuscular Disorder Center are dedicated to making new discoveries to combat this debilitating category of diseases.

As with all research laboratories at Barrow, the laboratories of the Fulton ALS and Neuromuscular Disorder Center strive to translate their advances in basic science to breakthroughs in the clinic. They are aided in this goal by Barrow's extensive clinical trials infrastructure and high patient volume.

The center is currently made up of one laboratory, with plans to expand to five over the coming years.


Laboratory Research

Robert Bowser, PhD, is a principal investigator and the director of the Gregory W. Fulton Center. His lab focuses on uncovering biomarkers that indicate early disease presence or predisposition and protein abnormalities caused by the disease. His lab is at the forefront of using human tissue samples to research and test potential ALS therapies. Visit the Bowser Laboratory Home Page.

Thomas Hamm, PhD, conducts research on the neurons in the spinal cord that control motor neurons and movement in the body. The goal of his research is to aid the development of novel therapies to help those with spinal cord injuries. Visit the Hamm Laboratory Home Page.

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