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Impaired Self-Awareness and Anosodiaphoria

Dr. George Prigatano is collaborating with Umberto Bivona, PhD, and Paola Ciurli, PhD from the San Lucia Foundation in Rome, Italy to study the relationship between impaired self-awareness and anosodiaphoria (patients’ indifference to their disabilities or handicaps) in individuals with acquired brain injury.


Traumatic Brain Injury, Self-awareness, and Assessment

Dr. Prigatano is also exploring the possibility of a collaborative study with colleagues in Atlanta to study impaired self-awareness in children who have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI). Dr. Prigatano has developed a new screening test for assessing this area of focus and hopes to work with a team from Atlanta to assess children at a clinical center there. Dr. Prigatano is also revising the Children’s Version of the BNI Screen (BNIS-C) to make items more interesting to children and to allow it to be used as a screening test in a variety of clinical and research projects.


Translating the BNI Screen (BNIS-C)

Dr. Prigatano is also collaborating with Jean-Luc Truelle, MD, and Michele Montreuil, PhD, in Paris to standardize the adult version of the BNI Screen in French and to assess its effectiveness for identifying patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment.


Other Areas of Focus

  • Together, Drs. Prigatano and Jeannine Morrone-Strupinsky, PhD, are collaborating to review the neuropsychological literature on moyamoya disease

  • Dr. Prigatano and Jennifer Wethe, PhD, are actively involved in assessing the neuropsychological consequences of surgery for the treatment of hypothalamic hamartomas (Article: Psychiatric Diagnoses and Hypothalamic Hamartomas in the Barrow Quarterly)

  • Dr. Prigatano, John Fulton, PhD, and Dr. Wethe have evaluated the behavioral effects of pediatric traumatic brain injury

  • Dr. Prigatano, Franziska Maier, Dipl.-Psych, and Richard Burns, MD, have studied anosognosia in patients with Parkinson’s disease

  • Dr. Prigatano, Dr. Thomas Wolf, and Dr. Joseph Heiserman, MD, have studied the neuroimaging and neuro-ophthalmological correlates of anosognosia for hemiplegia along with neuropsychological findings, in a patient who suffered a complete loss of vision but who is aware of the visual loss. The findings will be published in the journal Cortex.

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