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The Neurological and Neurosurgical Specialists

Founded in 1962 by philanthropist Charles Barrow and Dr. John Green, Barrow has since grown into a world-renowned destination for the neurosciences.

Today, Barrow is consistently ranked as one of the best Neurology and Neurosurgery Care Centers in the United States. Our neurosurgery residency program is the largest and most sought-after in the world, and our annual clinical volume among the highest in modern healthcare.

Barrow offers an option for almost every conceivable type of neurological disease. From advanced clinical trials, comprehensive neurological rehabilitation, state-of-the-art surgical facilities and equipment, and industry leading experience, Barrow leverages deep knowledge across the entire neuroscientific spectrum to deliver unparalleled education, discovery, and patient care.

Specialized Programs and Centers

To target difficult neurological conditions, Barrow has created several specialized programs and centers. For example, we have established one of the only comprehensive hypothalamic hamartoma (HH) treatment and research centers in the world. Barrow is one of the few places where children can undergo surgery for these life-altering tumors and benefit from ongoing research. The institute also has programs for patients with acoustic neuroma tumors, craniofacial abnormalities and normal pressure hydrocephalus. These subspecialty centers are staffed by experts and specialists who focus on providing patients with the best possible diagnoses and cutting-edge treatments.


Barrow conducts research that parallels its neurological excellence. We use our knowledge and know-how to challenge ourselves and benefit our patients. Barrow's profound expertise results from sheer experience. Because our highly skilled physicians and specialists perform so many unique (and common) neurological procedures every year, we are considered one of the world's foremost neurological centers.


One of Barrow's strongest attributes is the caliber and experience of our people. Barrow's faculty and staff are among some of the most gifted clinicians and specialists in the business. They not only assist patients with traditional neurological problems, they also develop innovative combinations of procedures to tackle some of the most difficult diseases and conditions around.

Barrow attracts intelligent and compassionate professionals who are eager to find solutions that go above and beyond the norm. We look for answers to questions that remain and for creative ways to solve baffling and complex situations that impair the road to neurological health.

The Innovations

Innovation is a way of life at Barrow. It has been since John R. Green, MD, Barrow's founding director, began performing neurosurgery in Phoenix in the 1940s and 1950s before Barrow was established in 1962. Now led by Dr. Robert F. Spetzler, Director of Barrow since 1986, the Institute continues to unlock the mysteries of the brain and spine through innovative clinical care, intensive postgraduate medical education, and pioneering research.

Maintaining a healthy balance among the three disciplines—clinical care, teaching, and research—is a tradition the institute has held sacrosanct since its doors opened in 1962. The resulting synergies have produced some of the most amazing innovations in the field. Barrow has grown to become one of the leading neurological specialty hospitals in the world. Along the way, it has established acclaimed centers for stroke, brain tumors, epilepsy, skull base tumors, spinal disorders, pediatric neurology, Parkinson's disease, pituitary disorders, and neuroimmunological conditions including multiple sclerosis. Other centers of excellence are planned for the future. Just as significant, we continually enhance our capabilities and outcomes in research, rehabilitation, neuroimaging, and cerebrovascular and endovascular surgical techniques.

The Experience

Barrow has been consistently recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the United States' top centers for neurology and neurosurgery for a reason. We couple our staff's expertise with some of the finest equipment and resources available, like CyberKnife and Gamma Knife. Barrow is one of the few centers in the U.S. that offers the CyberKnife, a noninvasive radiosurgery device for removing previously unreachable tumors and lesions. The institute was also one of the first neuroscience centers in the Southwest to offer Gamma Knife radiosurgery, a noninvasive alternative to traditional neurosurgery.

To ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our patients, staff participate in ongoing education in their respective fields. We conduct groundbreaking research at our facility. We press for answers where none exist. We are relentless in our goal to understand and develop treatments for the most puzzling neurological conditions in existence. We are on a quest to serve you.

Our power-packed combination of talent, expertise, inquisitiveness, compassion, and equipment integrate our vision of excellence in patient care with that of problem solving and advancement. We're Barrow—the neurological subspecialists.

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